The Hong Kong’s Million Dollar Babe

Today, in Tokyo, cloudy, because the relationship between work yesterday to 5am today, the day the body felt strange, as if to feel sick. However, the brain know that I can not fall now, the next time there is a staggering amount of work waiting for me. Although the mouth has been very hard for that tired, but my heart is very grateful to God for all my opportunities.
People always feel that I am a happy angel, if they had never not happy.
Too much work recently came to a sudden, there are happy, there is pressure. But all happened so fast, not enough time to tense to past tense has become a long time ago, forget the day of the week, anyway, the week is to work, remember there is no meaning. Now the most wanted friends, nothing to do not have to say, a cup of tea quietly, watching a movie, they can understand my feelings. Each has our colleagues will accompany me to go abroad, last month's Beijing trip was finally tired one, my colleagues can take turns to work me. . . To work even harder. I hope not to beat a bad mood. Long time no use beautiful words to describe their feelings, and today can finally remove the defense.

People look at me as if it is easy, in fact, God is fair, how much effort you put in, there will be many gains.

Now most want to hear a hey you did a good job proved to pay off the efforts paid off, is already the greatest comfort to me.

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