Ma Yi Na Cute

Erma Yina film original material for the static image, dynamic material interspersed with a small amount of HDTV, the way the film uses imitation proper handling static and dynamic binding and transition, with the generous manufacturing Yi people.

National style in music passionate , is intended to show a majority of the people touching love story, a beautiful modern Chinese nation, a civilized and harmonious human society ....

Erma Joyner, Qiang is an ordinary girl, but what is so impressed by her gallop to the modern Daqian longitudinal students; 
Those who live in the network's younger generation, those aspect of society the door of the show, those passionate century Fen
Fat boy, Ao technology Among those groups ....

Erma Yina business, you in the end which provoked deep roots in human muscle??? 

Enables people to live in fantasy world but would rather ethereal network that your real, but rather at the luxury leisure in feasting on you,
I was able to run around a loss of feeling in you, WO irresolute was able to stop the tide you are able to focus on the future course of events you .....

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