Celebrity Xu Xiaoxiang

Southeast Online June 2 hearing, according to Taiwan media reports, is unknown girl Xu Xiaoxiang With 32F of the "bowl of milk" career in the network, attracting a large number of fans, especially the self-timer before the exodus there is dew point, is attracting thousands of people visit her blog can be said to be "known loud." But because of this, the identity of her constantly being stolen, just face book (Facebook) and there were several people with her name up, and even "vegetables."
32F has a good body is unknown girl Xu Xiaoxiang, because the breast shape is friends strong loss for the "bowl of milk" and she seems quite proud of a pair of Haoru, self-timer always forget to wear low-cut, no groove Photos do not shoot. In addition, she has a cute, innocent "trick", it is to make men crazy house, "Tong Yan Big" She definitely deserves the adjective.
But, seemingly pure Xu Xiaoxiang as much in 2009, when the dew point bold self out, is believed to be her boyfriend shot her in particular to see, but unfortunately the album on a network being cracked and spread far and wide, at the time Download crazy wave triggered. Even her mother knows it, on her blog the readme "That thing is still passed, full of ridiculous to be my mom found."

However, this does not seem to give her too much distress, or according to self-po, and her boyfriend would still be sweet. But recently with the face book (Facebook) the prevalence of Xu Xiaoxiang really bring a lot of problems: a bunch of people by name and photo of her up, and some were Da Lala in the "vegetables", she may no longer network first to clarify, please see the users are able to help her report it.
Xu Xiaoxiang
Name: It is believed Xu Xiangting
Height: 161 cm
Weight: burst
Blood type: O type.

Education: MBA in South Asia
Interests: mountain climbing play in the water, eat, drink, informal
Like: really good people to me
Hate: bad hurt me
Editorial: Chen Shuqin?

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