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A fashion model who became an overnight sensation after her outspoken remarks on a popular TV dating show is suddenly too hot for the airwaves.

Ma Nuo, 22, has acquired something of a material girl image after she made remarks some people considered too outspoken for Chinese audiences.

As a result, authorities have ordered all TV stations not to include the sensual model on any programming.

Anhui Satellite TV, which recently signed a contract with Ma to appear on 10 episodes of Zhouriwozuida, (Sunday Best), confirmed she won't appear in any more episodes of the entertainment program that includes a dating segment.

She was on the show last week.

"We dropped the plan to invite Ma Nuo on more shows after we received a notice from the TV station," Li Hao, the show's producer, told the Guangzhou Daily in Tuesday's edition. "We are re-editing the episode scheduled for this week, deleting Ma Nuo's appearance."

Ma from Beijing, was a guest on the dating program, Feichengwurao (If You are the One), on Jiangsu Television. The show began airing in January and she was a guest every week.

She attracted public attention after she made remarks on the show that glamorized money and wealth while she shunned poor people.

"I would rather cry in a BMW than ride a bicycle while laughing," she said after an unemployed man invited her for a bicycle ride.

Some media reports speculated that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's issued the Ma ban.

The administration could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

She became popular for those remarks but not everyone was happy.

About 90 percent of respondents in a survey agreed that such dating shows encourage material wealth that could hurt the sanctity of marriage, the Xinhua News Agency said earlier.

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