Cica Zhou

Professional experience
2011 Sixth China Model Star Contest winner and the Most Popular
Champion of the 6rd 2011 China Model Star Contest
2000-2011, as China's top ten supermodel, fashion model named the most valuable

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery image ambassador, South Korea, the image of the sun cosmetics endorsement, shampoo Timi Lai image speak, Bamboos Dressed in Snow underwear image speak, Nokia print ads, print ads Diet Coke, Nestle ice cream print ads, Fujian Sedrin plane / Dynamic advertising, dynamic advertising Whisper sanitary napkins, the Motorola V680 mobile phone dynamic ads, dynamic ads motorcycle Ka Ling, cherry flowers scattered dynamic brand advertising, new world of real estate advertising, Jing-axis dynamic advertising students in mind
"COSMO", "BAZZAR", "style", "fashion", "Day Li Yi people", "Female World," "Chinese clothing," "body line", etc.

China International Fashion Week, Dalian International Fashion Week, Fashion Week, Guangdong, Zhongshan Shaxi Leisure Fashion Festival, HKTDC Fashion Show, ARMANI fashion publishing, CHANNEL fashion publishing, KENZO fashion publishing, BURBBERY fashion publishing, SWATCH Fashion release, Jean-Louis Shelley fashion hair, 2005, "Asian Wind" in Japan and South Korea joint display designer, China International Auto Show, "Bentley" brand, the China International Auto Show, "Audi," brand, Ou Difen conference
"Summer in the Spring," played wonderful songs
"World Gold" played by Liu Man
"Big Wild" plays Zhao Lan

Po, Germany, France and other European countries for the Chinese apparel and advertise tourism
Went to Russia's bid to advertise for the Chinese Health Association to do public service ads

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