Shan Arissa Luna Arissa Cheo Zhen

Arissa Cheo (aka Arissa Luna, Cheo Zhen Shan) is the very pretty and sweet-looking 24 years old new girlfriend of Taiwanese Vanness Wu. Arissa Cheo was borned a Singaporean on 30 June 1986. She is currently based in USA at Los Angeles, California.

Vanness Wu is the famous former member of F4, a Taiwanese boy band, and is currently a singer and actor in the Chinese entertainment industry. Vanness Wu was reportedly dating Arissa Cheo 4 years ago in 2006 but broke up because they could not sustain the long-distance relationship when Arissa went to USA to further her studies. Vanness Wu’s manager, Katie, confirmed media speculations that the pair have rekindled their love when Vanness and Arissa were seen dating in Hong Kong recently.

Arissa Cheo is a Singaporean of Indonesian-Chinese parentage who is a heiress of a very rich Indonesian family. Arissa had previously studied at the Methodist Girls’ School and many of her former schoolmates had shared that she was a very popular girl has she was already very pretty at the young age.



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