Shou Shou

Zhai Ling, born in August 1987, height 177cm. Beijing New Silk Road Models Company model, because of its beautiful shape and tall figure has been concern in major auto show has won praise in the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, nicknamed the beast beast pretty girl its Fresh and devil -like figure is the majority of users as the first car models in 2010 broke Pornographic.

Suddenly change the auspices of the beast beast
China's first beauty car models - Zhai Ling (stage name of the beast beast) to attend the First Guangzhou modified cars do Moderator Next Top Model, perform car passion outside the moldVarious photos (20)Modified culture.

Cars suddenly become chair
- Beast beast will attend the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Expo after the opening ceremony of the First Guangzhou modified cars do Next Top Model Moderator.

It is said that the Ministry of Culture for the rectification of the cultural market, some time ago to block access to online games because of Pornographic events and endorsement of the beast beast, Yan Feng Jiao and others, the ban came out, before the endorsement of an online games company had with them immediately to draw boundaries. Therefore, the beast beast you want to get through online games and "new" up the possibility of becoming illusory.

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