Hong Kong Vienna Lin

Before the public had complained that under the control of the NCC, a good film is simply A with the "talk shows" Meiliang Yang, but in Hong Kong, the situation is the opposite! Hong Kong, a network TV talk shows will not only talk about adult topics, and even imitated in the program hostess AV Actress Jiaochuang to teach you how to oral sex. Hong Kong Western model offered Vienna Lin (with Chi Lan) recently took over network television show host adult bar, talk about sexual topics, she has even Jiaochuang demonstration programs and oral sex.
In addition to imitate Jiaochuang outside, Vienna Lin also worked on the program demonstrate how to oral sex for men, and talk about how to make each other after ejaculation in men screaming approach. Every time she talked about the topic of adult attitudes are not pretentious, and even looks quite a pleasure, let her be friends called "Hong Kong's most ambitious hostess," "the boldest in the history of Hong Kong hostess."

Vienna Lin, beginning in 2009 as a Show girl, early this year has also involved in model selection competition, the opportunity to actively seek to join showbiz, Aries, she motto is "eye closed eyes opened a day later, the eye is not a closed wide open life over. "perhaps because of this philosophy of life, will let her choose the way adult debut show host.

Article Summary: Hong Kong Western model offered Vienna Lin (with Yee Lan) is the most fiery of the three places the past few days the network figure, because she has to participate in the network television program, went so far as to imitate in public since Japanese AV Actress Jiaochuang, without Shy on the show "hum Ahhh. " And she said come and no quibble, do not require brewing mood, and the graceful way to make a lot of friends in the Jiaochuang address him by an eye-opener.

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