She has pretty eyes but Elly blows her away! She dont have a chest like Elly. Oh well, I would love to be between both of them!! haha

First of all, them pics of Rowie are old, I’m one of her biggest fans! She’s naturally pretty even without makeup… You guys should defnitely checkout her myspace or youtube video, before judging her. She’s not as popular as Elly because she’s not YET a professional model… I’m not sure if she’s going to be one or not, but I really do like her pics, especially the recent ones, because she stopped photoshoping her pics. I dunno about u guys, but not just she has the look, she also can sing very well.. and from what I heard she might be coming out with an album.. but not sure when! aiite suckahs!

What a wannabe.. I know many vietnamese women try to look chinese/korean/japanese. She looks photoshopped & fake anyway.

elly’s photos are all taken by professionals whereas rowie’s are all self taken. obviously elly is at the higher ground. if you notice elly is also wearing push up bras which make her look more busty. if rowie’s pictures were taken by a professional or the same photographer im sure rowie will look much better!!

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